I’m updating this site to be more reflective of where I am now. When I originally started this site it was to be automatically updated with excerpts from my other sites. Then I started posting the complete post because sometimes the excerpt didn’t work properly.

My life has evolved once again and now I’m approaching things a little differently. The posts here will summarize the main idea of posts I write on my other sites and provide a link to the article. Here’s a bit of an outline of what my other sites are:

Patti May.com

I’ve been recently licensed as a Mortgage Agent in the province of Ontario. This site will be my professional site to talk about mortgages and home ownership. Some of the posts will be my own original work, others will be to highlight articles and posts found else where.

Cash Challenged.ca

I’ll be continuing to do debt and insolvency counselling which I’ve been doing for the last several years. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over those years has been how lost many people feel when dealing with their finances. Most learn what they need to get by (often barely get by) and when the money squeeze strikes, they feel totally lost. I’ll be starting from that point but keeping in mind that in order for people to recover from financial stress and move ahead, they need to know how to make their money work for them instead of them just working for their money.

Ides of May.com

This is my personal site. I don’t expect to update it a lot. Mostly when the muse strikes me and the topic doesn’t fit into the other sites. I’m not a person inclined to write about my every breath. The introvert in me is still there even though I’m writing online.

Our Paths to Success.com

Success comes through deeper understanding of ourselves and others. I’ve had a life long interest in personal development and improvement. It’s helped me learn not only about myself but also how to respond to others. I’ll be sharing what I learn on this site.

Out of the Shadows.ca

This was my first site. Originally it was a mix of personal and news commentary, then I decided to avoid the hodgepodge and split them up. I was raised in a household where the news and newspapers were a daily part of life. It remains so today. My father’s mother (my grandmother) was a women who would often express her opinions and this apple didn’t fall far from that tree. I am passionate about my country and the freedoms which have been won through the sacrifice of those who have served it. This is the forum where I speak up about what I see going on. You can like what I say or hate it, I really don’t care, they are my opinions.

So there you have it. That’s what I’m writing about.

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