Mike Schultz over at Social Media Examiner has a great post on eight ways to successfully selling using social media. In a nutshell, here’s the points:

  1. Boil the Frog — I could explain this, but I’ll leave it for Mike. Love the analogy. Basically, don’t come on too strong
  2. Givers Gain — pretty much self-explanatory. Just give, don’t worry about the return.
  3. Make Henry Kissinger Proud — great way to do your best
  4. Be Brave
  5. Be Positive and Pleasant
  6. Prepare for Window Shopping
  7. Let Your Personality Show Through
  8. Take if Offline, When it’s Time

Social media can be a confusing place to catch onto the culture of. Reading and applying as much as you can, sure makes a difference. So, hop over to Mike’s blog and have a look at the full article.

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Successful Selling on Social Media

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