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    This is an aggregate site of the writings I've placed on my blogs. I keep multiple blogs for different reasons as you'll see through exploring my postings. I hope you find a favourite place or two to visit, or, if you just want to see what I'm writing. This may be the place to visit.

Strawberries is one fruit that I will only eat fresh when they are in season. Nothing that is brought in from away compares to the flavour. So, today over at Ides of May, I’m talking about strawberries and some recipes to use them in. Read it here.

This is a recipe that is used a lot at the Colborne Legion. It’s been very popular since we first started serving it a few years ago. I describe how to make it over at Ides of May.

Well, I decided it was time to post some thoughts on the matter of Mike Duffy and some other Senators and the questions which have been raised about where their primary residents are and the amount of the living expenses they have collected from the public purse. My thoughts on the matter can be found here.


I have something to say about the teacher’s unions and their planned walkout on Friday over the imposition of contracts under Bill 115. The bill makes the imposition of a contract legal, the walkout however is not legal. Read more about my thoughts on the matter here. 

Well after a long hiatus, I’ve finally posted on my personal blog, Ides of May. It’s about steps I’ve made during the last year and a hint of some I’m taking this year. Have a read here. 

The government’s release of an audit on the Attawapiskat reserve in Northern Ontario is of concern to us all but it doesn’t change the validity of the protest that Theresa Spence and the Idle No More movement is engaged in. I’ve got an opinion or two on the matter. Read them here.